Irony In Life

I believe in a paralleled world where we have little ducks nestled in our ribcages, and their eggs are what fuel our bodies to move. I believe in a cube-shaped universe where our hearts are made of pie crusts, and marmalade in the core of our hearts. For that reason, I like Lewis Carroll’s <Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland> very much. It somehow triggers our imagination, and also stressing on the fact that a little spoonful of eccentricity is needed in every individual. There certainly is an adequate amount of paradox in every element of our lives, and I think people who can pull that out and mould it into something, like music, literature, or art, are the ones who truly understand life. It sure is a profound topic, but to me, simply put, is a world of pie-hearted people.


The name ‘Anne’ used to be my pen name, but recently I have decided to use my real name, which is Sophie. I don’t regret setting my blog as ‘anneofwonderland’, because I like Anne too. See, I can be Anne and Sophie at the same time. That is what I like about writing. Perhaps I have been too obsessed with getting experienced that I have forgotten the true joy about writing. I had this friend who always liked to listen to me read my stories. That was almost five- or four years ago. She loved it, and she would urge me to write more each time I have finished reading. Her reactions were what triggered me to write more, and I am very grateful for that. I like to live in a world I create. I can be a strawberry tart in the morning with my head being chewed off my a hungry business man in the morning, a pilgrim lost in a  daydream in the afternoon, and a tired cook desiring for a holiday in the evening. I absolutely adore carving the irony out of life, and for long as I am sane enough to write, I will continue doing so.

(I might have gone out of point at some parts but oh well, the whole idea of this post is eccentricity itself, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much)


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