First Try At Poetry

It’s my first try at poetry and I seriously had no idea how to start it. It’s practically improvisational, and I emphasize, it is my first try. I am rather unhappy that July is over because it means my school is starting soon. My body got too accustomed to terrible habits over the holidays.

(No title at the moment)

The smell of smoke wraps at every exposed skin

like silent bits of frost before Christmas

The water is a pool of murky brown

like my sister’s diluted lemonade

But do you ever understand?

My lips are dried and shrivelled,

colours lost and peeled,

like your morning bagel,

or the orange that you left on the table

but you never know,

you never understand

And you’ll watch my body fall into

tiny pieces of puzzles

that will never match, ever again

And the fish, oh yes,

they will look at me with their dead eyes

unmoving and still.

Will you ever learn?

My time is up

My clock will collect dust by dawn

you, you will stand there,

turning, once again,

your back on me.

I, I will watch

the last embers of daylight fade away,

And the moon, washed by the time,

will sing, again and again,

as it sits by the wasteland

And I will close my eyes


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