My Favorite Movies

1. Sound of Music, 1965 sound_of_music_maria_and_von_trapp_children get Awesome movie with beautiful soundtrack! I watched this so many times that I remember all the lyrics. I fell in love with Christopher Plummer who acted Captain Von Trapp, but sadly I learned that he wasn’t too fond of this movie, and referred to it as Sound of Mucus. My favorite scene is when Maria and the Captain danced together- the Laendler scene. I know many trivia and have collected quite a few behind-the-scene photos which I intend to post next time. (All time favorite!) x950 2. Magic In The Moonlight, 2014 ac132121857726c4d061c056db7b3169 I have to say Emma looks fabulous in this movie. What I like about this movie was its picture, how the director Woody Allen portrayed France. The background, the color, the costumes. The colors in this movie are just so mellow and marvelous, that it perfectly fits its theme of ‘magic’. Besides, I like Colin Firth’s British accent. Magia-ao-Luar1 3. Coraline, 2009 0 I enjoy watching animations that are not really for kids; adorable movies that give you chills. (Ironic, but yes) The craftiness of this movie is what I marvel at most- the dolls and items created and set up for this movie, and the way they were brought to life.

Coraline2 Coraline3

(On the side note, my favorite character is the Other Mother. I like her button eyes.)

4. Secret, 2007 b0185721_50fcb889ca53e I don’t think many Western people are aware of this film, but it is well-known in Asia. Jay Chou, who directed, starred, and composed the soundtrack of this movie made this movie an unforgettable love story of two high-school students whose worlds interlock and revolve around music. The soundtrack is lovely as well. I highly recommend this movie. I discourage anyone reading the synopsis before watching, because the ending is the most important part, and I wouldn’t think you would want to know it anyway. 14457539017762 5. Nodame Cantabile Series screen-shot-2013-01-28-at-12-59-24-pm The Nodame Cantabile Series are based on Japanese manga, written by Tomoko Ninomiya. I like this movie mainly because it is about music, how two pianists get to learn their problems and deal with them.  There are many Japanese humor elements in this movies that might have been exaggerated a bit much, but I think the actress, Ueno Juri, was able to manage it quite well. The series also include many musical pieces, like Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, and Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No.2. images-3 ORG_20090706001304


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